Left Coast Garden Wholesale

Left Coast Garden Wholesale




Left Coast Wholesale’s owners were a current client of ours when they came to us asking for a solid Wholesale ecommerce solution to manage all of their reseller products and third party inventory. They already had a successful Wholesale endeavor going strong, but were looking for a more self-service interface for their reseller customer base. They had chosen Fishbowl as their ERP software and wanted a platform that integrated with it as well as possible.


Obviously we chose Shopify as the platform for them and, having previous experience with Fishbowl, proceeded to explore options for integration. We worked directly with the Fishbowl customer support and integration team and helped with requirements and identifying the right option for them.

Along with this integration assistance, we designed, implemented, and configured their particular requirements for Wholesale customers. Shopify is easily customizable to cater to the different needs of Wholesalers, including: customer groups, tiered pricing, flexible payment types, shipping integration with standard carriers, flexible accounting exports, third-party integrations, and more.

Left Coast Wholesale is another example of an ongoing partnership with a local company. We look forward to many more years of services with them!


Left Coast Wholesale started as GeoPot nearly five years ago in a warehouse in Petaluma. In March of 2009, the owners had hand stitched the very first GeoPot and sold them door to door. After years of hard work and dedication, the GeoPot has taken off and we have been fortunate enough to be able to introduce Left Coast Wholesale.

Left Coast Wholesale maintains its matchless service and policies to make sure that every customer and individual they encounter receives top notch customer service.




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