Guardline Security




Guardline Security, a successful home security manufacturer out of Washington State, is another good example of a migration to Shopify from a less feature-rich hosted SaaS application, BigCommerce. The product line had been branded as Guard Shack, and they decided to start completely from scratch to rebrand the online store to be in alignment with their proprietary brand, Guardline Security.

Found through our Shopify Experts profile, they were looking for a creative agency to work with that could help them maximize three things: information about products and education through content; cross selling and upselling to increase their average order; and creating a clean user interface to facilitate shoppers easily finding what they need.


Their design aesthetic was expressed to us as clean, simple, and uncluttered. They believed the main design and user experience challenge would be keeping that spartan, clean feeling while delivering some very complicated information and leading their audience down a path to understand exactly what they might need to effectively secure their homes through hardware and software products.

They searched through “every single designer in North America” and through a series of very informative discovery sessions and demos of our work, they chose to work with us. We were honored to bring our own sophisticated style to the project and managed to design and implement a superbly uncluttered and user friendly interface for their customers.


From their website: “Guardline Security was founded in Yelm, WA in 1999. Our first office was a tiny storage room behind a local children’s theater. We launched our business with one part-time employee and a single product: a driveway alarm. Sales quickly grew, as did our product line, and within two years we offered a complete selection of home security products.

“In 2009, we began manufacturing our own security products. With 10+ years of driveway alarm retail experience, we felt we could build a better version. Two years of painstaking work went into the development of our driveway alarm and it became an immediate success soon after launch, becoming one of the most reputable and sought after professional driveway alarms on the market.

“We’re so confident in the quality, construction, and reliability of our driveway alarm that we offer a lifetime warranty on it. We’re the the only driveway alarm manufacturer to do so.”


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