In an era of rampant malware and the increasing difficulty in securing complex database web publishing environments, Flat File CMS (FFCMS) tools are inviting for the coming year.

The promise of a user-friendly Content Management System combined with flexible skinning and ease of deployment, all in a flat HTML file hierarchy result (sans need for PHP and a database) is welcome addition to any designers toolbox!

There are many tools available already, aiming for a variety of needs. Check out Queness list of FFCMS options bent on speed. In our wanderings for more flexible, all-around tools, these three are interesting:

  1. Pico
  2. Kirby
  3. Statamic

Still, the field is open and these tools will need to mature before any rise to the top. Nothing new here as tech trends come and go so quickly. Case in point is Type & Grids post from back in 2014 chiming in that the time was ripe for FFCMS tools. Hopefully that time is still coming.