I’ve never been an artsy person. Creative, sure, but the best rendering of anything I’ve ever been asked to draw most likely began with a stick figure. While I may be quite awesome at Pictionary and Telestrations (because I totally am), sadly, that’s where my career in art ends, however, I’ve always had an immense passion for art and the beauty that people find in every day things.

I recently came up on an article, thanks to one of my favorite feel-good sites, Upworthy, about a 16-year-old Polish girl who creates art on fallen leaves.

Mind. Blown.

The artist, Joanna Wirażka, says, “we don’t have to cut trees to have paper for drawing or painting,” and that she’s motivated by the need to “raise people’s awareness about the really bad condition of our planet.” I couldn’t agree more, which is why I felt so inclined to share her work.

There’s something incredibly calming about her choice of canvas, not to mention her style. I’ve started following her on Instagram and I really love the way she sees the world. She was already an established artist before she began her leaf art but somehow I think she’ll soon start receiving the credit she deserves. Check out some of my favorite pieces of hers below.