In Ticketing has been at the forefront of online ticket sales for over a decade, and relied primarily on in-house talent for their web platform. We’ve known the guys who run the business for quite some time and had the pleasure of working with them while building HopMonk’s website, so when it came time for an administrative site redesign they decided it was time to hire us to bring a familiar, albeit outside perspective.

Here was a chance to not only do a complete makeover of In Ticketing’s administrative site look and interface—color palette, layout, styles, fonts, user interface and user experience (UI/UX)—but also to take a step back and take a look their business as a whole. How will the average event producer interact with the website? What parts will they use, and how will they get to them? We dug in quite deep to understand where the pain points were, as well as uncover the most utilized sections so that we could help their client base manage their events without getting lost in the complication of the system.

We drew upon our years of experience on the web and in music production to bring usability to In Ticketing’s system so their users could find what they want quickly — be it viewing ticket sales, changing the status of a show, or adding and changing events. Our UX approach was to simplify the entire interface and to keep the most popular (and useful) tools both omnipresent and accessible with as few clicks as possible. The design of the site’s features (e.g. event lists in table form) were modernized and created with an easy aesthetic that wasn’t in the way and, moreover, showed a clear and easy path to getting things done.

When we were done with our wireframing, In Ticketing not only had a new look, but also a completely streamlined interface. Because our creative and analytic talent is all under the same roof (and often in the same heads), we were able to take a holistic approach, tackling the problem as a whole rather than creating solutions to individual obstacles. The end result is a website that is both beautiful and easy to navigate for event organizers.

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