The Nitey Awards are an annual ceremony honoring San Francisco nightlife. There are 23 categories of awards that range from Best Dance Club (Large and Small) to Best Happy Hour and a lavish red carpet reception at the Castro Theatre. They had all the makings of a successful event—all they needed were corporate sponsors to help them pay for it all. And to get those, they needed a sponsor deck: a charity or event’s on-paper pitch to corporate sponsors.

Zack Darling Creative Associates was a clear choice, given our history of successful event promotion and marketing in the Bay Area. We not only had a great depth of knowledge on the subject, we could also function as a one stop shop, creating a sponsor deck, logo, and website that all present a uniform, clean, professional look.

We started with the items of more immediate import: the sponsor deck and logo. Without those, there was no funding and no event to advertise. Once the sponsor deck and logo were designed, we built a simple, one-page WordPress website that mirrored the look and feel of the sponsor deck with consistent branding throughout.

Armed with a sponsor deck, a logo, a website, and a clear vision of what they wanted to accomplish, the Nitey Awards were well positioned to fill their sponsor roster. And fill it they did: current Nitey Awards sponsors include Scion, Miller Lite, Jack Daniel’s, and Ticketfly, among many others. With the right messaging and vision, funding their event was simply a matter of asking correctly.

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