Envision Festival is a gathering of music, art, yoga and performance in Uvita, Costa Rica from February 27th to March 3rd. Envision, now in its third year, is a part of a small but growing segment of the festival circuit that is forgoing traditional locations in favor of remote isles and faraway foreign countries. The merging of music festivals with conscious travel offers an experience unlike any that can be found in the United States, but it comes with its challenges. Among them are keeping the local populace happy, comfortable, and feeling welcomed.

In previous years, Envision used visionary artists for their logo design and promotional material. This year, however, they decided it would be prudent to adopt a more iconic, professional look that was accessible not only to the festival scene but also to the general Costa Rican public.

This was a dream job for ZDCA, especially for Zack himself—he was on the lineup for Envision 2012, and festival marketing has long been one of our core competencies. He knew from the beginning what he wanted the logo to feature: one of his favorite memories from Envision was of the rainbow of colorful wild macaws that filled the air over the festival grounds. After several revisions, we settled on a design that evoked both the visionary nature of the event and the scenery and culture of Costa Rica. And, of course, a macaw. When everyone was happy with the branding, we put built the rest of the promotional package around it: posters, flyers, teasers, and Facebook graphics, all with original illustration done in Adobe Illustrator.

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