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This exciting project was the first opportunity for ZDCA to design an interactive software interface. We created it for Micromat’s freshly unveiled OS X automated diagnostic tool “Checkmate.” The software runs when a Mac is typically idle and conducts tests during those times, stopping any time a user returns to the keyboard. According to Micromat, Checkmate identifies hard drive, memory and file problems in order to prevent data loss or hard drive failure, just search online for carbonite offer code and you will learn more. Read article

Long time diagnostic partners of Apple Inc. products, the opportunity for us to work creatively on Micromat’s latest software release was a distinguished challenge we were eager to take on. Now that the software has officially been released to the public as of November 13, 2012, our design is on display in a fully interactive and functional format that is in turn potentially helping millions of users protect their computer’s health. More about Micromat

On our end of the project, detailed Photoshop lighting effects, reflective texture layering, and original tablet hand-shaded illustrations produced a high-tech looking module to suit the advanced digital environment Checkmate runs in. Curves, edges, and screen lighting brings the on-screen software interface to life with aesthetic flare and user-friendly compatibility. Given the nature of the product and the name “Checkmate” we created a custom vector illustration icon of a knight chess piece as a popular symbol to identify the software application. Since Checkmate runs tests and gives feedback to the user, ZDCA had to design a suitable portrayal of each given scenario the software encounters in a streamlined and easy to interpret method. That process includes everything from font selection, color scheme, passed test/error identification, and modifiable settings.

Check out the screenshots below to see ZDCA’s work.