Did you know that ZDCA is a prolific development firm as well as a unique and deeply artistic design firm? Most of our clients know that we “build websites” … but what do we actually do over in the programming corner of our business? Much that is geeky and fun, actually. Here’s a brief rundown of what we’ve been doing lately.

On-going monthly SEO projects.

ZDCA brings experience and knowledge as well as a healthy dose of pure geek curiosity to our Search Engine Optimization services. With every site we release, a basic or standard set of SEO practices are included. We do, however, specialize in SEO and have had the privilege of spreading our wings recently with a monthly SEO project designed to help a website client of ours reach more customers.

Each month we work with one of the shutter specialists at the Shutter Source to increase their new website’s visibility on Google, Yahoo! and Bing using proven techniques to build organic search results on each of the major engine’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It’s been a great project with some very interesting twists and turns, which keeps us busy staying on top of the industry as Google and the rest of them update their algorithms periodically.

It’s great fun!

WordPress rescue

We helped two local companies overcome compromised websites over the past few months. One client had a very unfortunate search engine hack where a clandestine script was run that added random keywords and links to a link farm for the express purpose of gaining page rank. This evil script managed to affect their Google Sitelinks with unfortunate descriptions, so we swept in and cleaned up the immediate issue.

Another client had their site inadvertently deleted and had only exported their site as an XML feed using WordPress’ export process, which, counterintuitively, only grabs part of the site’s assets. We worked with their current host to assess the damage, attempt to restore from the incomplete backups, locate the appropriate back ups and then get the site running again.

Our knowledge and experience with web server administration in general and WordPress in particular allowed the process in both of these cases to go smoothly as we were able to diagnose and present a fix in an expedient and appropriate manner.

General Website Customization

The folks over here in programming don’t really create as many parades as we should about what we do, so hopefully this is just the first of many updates to our participation in ZDCA. We’d like you to know, however, that when we do produce and release a site, invariably there are updates or customizations that go into them as we do some extent of programmatic alterations and improvements to the page templates, widgets, sidebars or theme structure and often create our own mini-plugins to meet the expectations of both our clients and our own visual and functional requirements.

Whether it’s a custom XML or other web services feed parsing for an events listing directly from a ticketing agency or a unique page template that displays a site’s posts in a new and dramatic fashion, to clean Responsive CSS or tweaking a form’s javascript to create a request-response action without having to load the page, we are very proud of what we can offer technically and our talented programming team.

Look for more information in the form of general updates or specific advice by keeping your eye on zdca.com.