Mosaic Art NOW is a project as dynamic and creative as the site’s producer, Nancie Pipgras. Having worked with Nancie before on the MAN magazine layout, we were excited to jump on a new and larger project that would again offer creative challenges to match Nancie’s ideas and energy.

We wanted the site to be at once full of rich content and interactivity to accommodate the wide range of mosaic art and artists, but also maintain a modern simplicity and ease of use. Most important, the theme had to remain responsive to a wide variety of screen sizes throughout a wide array of customizations.

We accomplished this through a combination of advanced premium plugins for WordPress and deep customizations of both plugins and template files. The result is a varied but matched approach to content display. Examples include a custom Artists page with a flexible grid of dozens of images with larger rollover views. Another are the archives of article categories and their mason style layout of interlocking blocks of previews images and excerpts. Yet another is the homepage with multiple blocks of featured and other content incorporating sliding elements to hide content until requested and social media integration such as Nancie’s current Tweets and more.

Additionally, Nancie’s readership favors email newsletters. A custom programmed email template system allows Nancie to pick featured articles from all posts within the WordPress admin and write special descriptions before previewing the email prior to sending the final message.

Lastly, a critical step of the project was importing some 300 complete posts with thousands of images from her previous platform at Blogspot. We successfully imported all posts and images, plus cleansed a cluttered database from years of both changes in HTML practices and the code updates from Blogspot.

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