Anon Salon, an events promotion company based in San Francisco, has a long history with Zack Darling’s design portfolio throughout a number of events over the years. In 2012, Zack designed the distinctive poster for this year’s Sea of Dreams NYE “Prophesea” event.

For the matching website, the producers needed two key elements:

  • Extensive archives of images, video and textual information
  • Easy and rapid publishing of a wide variety and depth of media
  • Simplified display of the many assets for the audience

To meet these needs, a WordPress magazine style theme was chosen that supports overlays and other hidden content displays to offer as much or as little content as desired. For example, the homepage, blog, and galleries offer both conventional pages for the content, but also a “Quickview” feature that overlays a content window without having to click through.

Since the site runs on WordPress, the busy event producers are able to quickly update large gallery posts by simply dragging a group of images onto the new post’s browser window. The site takes care of attaching the images, creating a tidy grid of thumbnails and creating an overlay slideshow for the end viewer. Likewise, updating the event’s performing artists roster is as easy as populating a new post with an the artist’s name as the title, an image, and a text description. The site automatically publishes a large list on the homepage in summary and long-form complete with various sized images for different displays.