Johnathan Singer is a unique artist working in a variety of venues and collaborating with a surprising array of musicians and visual artists. His unusual live “video painting” artwork depends on motion graphics and rich color display — two aspects perfect for website display.

To accommodate, ZDCA designed a distinct logo to capture his style and work. The site design is visually striking yet simple to highlight the dramatic color and motion effects of Johnathan’s remarkable work.

Additionally, Johnathan as a working and traveling artist needs a site attuned to his limited schedule. A simple performance calendar is included that easily walks him through the info required to post upcoming shows. Flickr and Vimeo players are integrated so he can easily upload graphic assets from his phone or computer on the road while engaging a social network audience more easily.

Finally, Johnathan required a complete artist’s EPK for easy browsing and assets download. A custom-designed PDF in a matching style is included along with a complete site page offering full text and individual assets downloads for promoters and journalists.

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