Photographer, writer, director and visionary, Jade Turgel, brought her children’s book project to ZDCA for a sensitive touch on book design and layout.

The talented illustrator Max May worked closely with Jade to bright color and vision to her lovely children’s poetry. The collaboration of these two brilliant minds resulted in a team with a wide array of influences by highly creative people. Once the artwork was brought to ZDCA, we already had a beautiful story underway.

ZDCA worked on digital imagery and color adjustment with all the illustrations. They were scanned, touched-up, re-painted in PhotoShop and had various graphical elements integrated with the pen-and-ink artwork. Once completed, we layed-out the book in InDesign and pre-pressed it for perfect-binding hard copy publishing and production.

The result is a unique book that stands above many in crowded market, depicting large, full page color, hand-drawn pages with urban and fantasy references for young and older children alike. Look for it in your local children’s book store in the “awesome” section.