Mosaic Art NOW magazine is a well-known publication focused on the art and craft of mosaic work and the fascinating artists who work in the unusual medium.

The magazine directors came to ZDCA with a tall order: layout an entire magazine on a tight deadline and budget in a fresh style while maintaining the visual language of past issues for the existing audience. ZDCA delivered that and more by finishing the project early and within budget while surpassing the design expectations of the magazine directors.

Additionally, Mosaic Art NOW required a simple online purchasing solution for audience members who do not subscribe. In similar fashion, ZDCA quickly published a secure website in a style matching the magazine and other online assets for a consistent and solid product that exceeded hopes.

nancie-pipgras-portrait-cropWe were twelve days out from a printing deadline when we brought a half-done publication to ZDCA for emergency triage. Their team flew into motion and worked with us to create a beautiful magazine that stunningly presents the magic of contemporary mosaics. This was especially important as this edition was also a memorial to our founder, Bill Buckingham. Zack, Kate and crew were professional, personal, and committed to our success. Who could ask for more?

Nancie Mills Pipgras – Editor
Mosaic Art NOW