We cannot say enough about the power of content to push a site up the coveted Google page ladder. Organic search results are where it’s at for conversion rates (though of course page rank plays a very important role), and the more we work with SEO in and out of a commercial or e-commerce environment, the more we advocate for content, content, content!

What we suggest to improve your organic search results is to create new content that the search engines can use on a regular basis on your website as well as out on the web-at-large. Add to your own blog every week and write about relevant topics that are interesting to your consumer base or audience but that also has relevance to your current (or desired) keyword content for the spiders. Have your clients or customers talk about you on the web. Visit forums that are well populated in your field and establish a presence on a regular basis. Always include a link to your website when you post elsewhere!

We know how hard it is to create content that is fresh, interesting and tasty for the search engine spiders, but the credibility that you build on your website will back up the credibility that you help create on the web pointing back to you. The power of this referential content cannot be understated.