We’re happy to announce that we launched a new full-service e-commerce website for our friends at RockNSocks. When they initially came to ZDCA, they wanted a full visual and functionality upgrade to their existing site. We brought their online sales and inventory management systems from a ZenCart application to Magento, and rebuilt their shipping and accounting process from the ground up. Creatively, we built upon the funky fun theme started by their previous designer and added another level of dimension, form and interactivity. We chose to break free of the typical e-commerce shopping site template style and recreated the site architecture by bringing the shopping cart, search, wish list, account and other useful shopping tools into the top nav bar. This allows a convenient way for the visitors to see what’s in the cart at any time without stepping on the design or carrying you to another page.

This is a good example of our fully customized database-driven e-commerce website products. If you’re looking to take your products online and dazzle your customers with a beautiful shopping experience, let’s get started!

The winter time is coming! What better time of year to treat yourself to some “Eco-Fabulous” environmentally-friendly regenerated cotton blend socks! Please drop by and shop around!

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